Mission And Core Values    

Our mission is to be a superior convenience store business; committed to excellence by creating a valuable experience for every guest and team member.

Respect & Trust our team and guests
Honesty to self and others
Outstanding experience for every guest
Do what we say we will do every time
Empower all well-trained team members
Service + Execution = 101 Success

RHODES 101 STOPS has a great history dating back to the 1950s. For the better part of this history, the owners were directly involved in the operation of each store every day. This allowed them to be part of the daily decisions that affected our co-workers and guests. As the company grew, however, it became impossible for the owners to physically visit each store every day. This presented numerous career opportunities for ambitious, hard-working people to begin making those important daily decisions.

Many people have built their careers with our company in a variety of positions, including customer service representatives, fuel transport drivers, maintenance positions, operations management, and corporate accounting roles. These talented and dedicated people are really the team responsible for running this business and making us the premier convenience store chain in southeast Missouri! As these people gradually created the culture that makes us who and what we are, it became increasingly difficult to pass this knowledge to other people. It became a real problem for people joining our organization and for people who changed roles within the company. Clearly we needed to gather this collective wisdom about our culture, and organize it so that people throughout the company shared a common understanding of who we are, what we are trying to do, and how we are going to do it!

During the last half of 2002, a random collection of people from throughout our organization worked on a project to define our Mission Statement and Core Values. This group included people from each store as well as the corporate office. It included people from our accounting department, food service people, members of our management team at various levels, customer service representatives, and one of our fuel transport drivers. Some were long-term team members, and others were early in their career with us. Some worked full-time, and others worked part-time or as a second job. These folks organized themselves into small groups and appointed group leaders. Each group met several times to create independent versions of a mission statement and core values. Finally the entire group met and combined the various versions into a single draft. This final draft is essentially the Mission Statement & Core Values that we adopted as our official document today; and the extraordinary part of the whole effort is that the owners were never part of the project! Our Mission Statement & Core Values were truly created by the people that make our company a reality each and every day.

We believe that this document genuinely represents our unique culture that has evolved over the years because of the great people who work here. The project in 2002 was about gathering this wealth of knowledge that includes some reality and some aspirations. Sometimes this knowledge is easy to use, and other times it guides more difficult decisions. But our ultimate goal is for each person in the company to know the Mission Statement & Core Values and to use it as a guideline for making decisions that affect co-workers and guests alike. If we succeed in doing this, we truly will have "created a valuable experience for every guest and team member."

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