Rhodes 101 To Go! Mobile Payment Purchase Details

Below is a detailed overview of how to purchase fuel and save with Advantages Pay Plus.


Start by selecting Mobile Payment from the Rhodes 101 To Go app main menu.  Then tap “Begin Fueling.”  From here, your phone will open a code scanner.  You can now scan the QR code located on the fuel dispenser.




Once the code is scanned, you will need to enter your unique PIN for payment verification. 



Then the pump selection screen opens.  Here you can choose your desired amount of fuel.  Tap “Begin Purchase.”



You can now select your fuel grade on the dispenser and begin pumping.  A series of screens will show while you are fueling.










When you have finished fueling and hang up the nozzle, your phone will display the rollback price.  You will also see how much you saved per gallon.



To view your receipt, tap “See Receipt.”  This will prompt your phone to email a copy of the receipt to your Advantages Pay Plus profile email.  Click “Done” to exit.




Working with NCR Corporation on the mobile payment transaction, we have invested in security around the Rhodes 101 To Go! app and Advantages Pay Plus program so customers' personal information is safe.  Multiple firewalls, data encryption and unique PIN requirements are just a few of the safeguards in place.

** Disclaimer: To operate Rhodes 101 Mobile Pay with Advantages Pay Plus, you will need Apple iOS5 or higher on iPhones or Android OS 2.3.3 or higher on Android devices.  Connectivity and performance are dependent upon cellular data coverage.

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