Employee Feature Photo - Gate GardnerYou’re such a character!  “Character” is a word I often use to describe people that entertain me.  I use it as a compliment, of course.  I appreciate being around a variety of characters.

Thank you for taking some time to read about the character that I can be.  My name is Gate Gardner, and the thing I like most about working at the Sikeston, Mo. Rhodes 101 Convenience Store is the different variety of characters I get to meet.  I’ve gotten to meet my share of characters since joining Rhodes 101 more than seven years ago.

My appreciation of characters extends outside of work, too.  For example, if you want to know which reality show I like better, American Idol or The Voice, I pick The Voice.  I think that show features a bigger variety of styles and voices, it shows the challenges they face, how they overcome their insecurities and how they push themselves to higher levels.  Overall, The Voice has more and different characters.

Why do I respect the differences among characters?  That’s easy.  My spirituality helps me accept other people just like my life’s role model did, Jesus.  I always look to Him because he has all of the answers to life’s issues, and he gave his life for me.

I’d love to meet more characters at my Rhodes 101 store, so stop by if you haven’t already.  I’d be glad to meet you, learn about you and even debate American Idol vs. The Voice.  Let me know if you want to join my list of characters!