Employee Feature Photo - Chug LittleIf a nickname like “Chug” doesn’t get your attention, nothing will.  That’s why I’m not telling you how I got that nickname until I get a chance to joke around with you first.  Otherwise, you’ll leave too soon.

How are you?  My name is Chug Little, and I work at the Rhodes 101 Travel Center on Nash Road in Scott City, Mo.  Through my 23 years working here, I’ve met regulars that work at the businesses on Nash Road, Scott City residents dodging the Main Street traffic and truckers passing through Southeast Missouri.

To tell you about myself, I’ll start by explaining the irony behind my greatest pet peeve, lazy people.  If they bother me so much, why is my life’s role model my dog, Gizmo, who gets to sleep all day?  I would choose to be a punter on a football team because they get to sit and watch most of the game.  Sounds lazy, right?  If I got stranded on an island, I would want Ginger and Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island to be with me because they already know all the tricks to living on an island, so I won’t have to work so hard.

Don’t be mistaken.  I’m not a lazy guy.  If that were the case, I wouldn’t work at Rhodes 101 considering the heavy expectations that come with serving the public.  I started here part-time to supplement my income.  My hard work got me promoted to full-time.  I’ll clear up any confusion about my work ethic by saying my life’s motto is like the song, “Don’t Worry Be Happy.”  I can sit back and enjoy the small, happy things rather than fretting over them, and that has nothing to do with being lazy.

So here’s the answer you’ve been waiting for.  You earn the nickname “Chug” by drinking a twelve-ounce mug of liquid in only 1.3 seconds!  That’s it.  That’s all it takes.  I’ll let you guess what liquid I prefer to chug the most.

Anyway, thanks for allowing me to interact with you through Facebook.  I’ve really enjoyed taking my humor into the digital world, but my personality shines through much better in person.  Come see for yourself, and shake my hand at the Rhodes 101 Travel Center, just east of the I-55 and Nash Road intersection.