Employee Feature Photo - Lana RisterI have family at work and home, so there’s little question as to why I’ve been nicknamed “Mama Lana.”  I really don’t know exactly why nor when it got started.  Regardless, it’s good with me.

Good morning!  I’m Lana Rister, Food Service Manager at the Chaffee Rhodes 101 location.  I’ve worked here for almost ten years now.  I decided to apply for a job here after what I saw so many times as a customer; there’s truly a family atmosphere that makes people feel welcome in this store. 

My co-workers have really risen up to their “second family” reputation for me more than once.  I’ve had some health issues, and every time they have stepped up to help.  They’ve treated me like family by showing me honest compassion. 

My customers are like family to me, too.  There’s a little boy that insists on coming in the store when he sees my car in the parking lot.  He comes in, hugs me and calls me “Miss Lana.”  I should probably fill him in on my “Mama Lana” nickname so he can use it.  That is as long as his own Mama doesn’t mind!

Of course, I have a great family waiting on me at home, too.  I have to say my life’s role model is my husband of 36 years, Rusty.  He’s a hard worker and has always put his family first.  Rusty’s also pretty handy, which really just creates more work for him around the house.  You see, my favorite television show is Fixer Upper on HGTV.  I get plenty of ideas for Rusty to duplicate in our own home when I watch it.  I keep him pretty busy at times.

I realize that having all of these people care for me like family, even those that aren’t obligated by marriage, is a huge blessing.  Some might say it’s surprising that they do considering I’m very bossy.  I mean “bossy” like a football coach yelling plays for the team to follow.  I had better show these people some appreciation to keep them close!

Thank you for letting me introduce my work, customer and home families to you today.  Please come by and meet my Rhodes 101 Chaffee family anytime.  We’d love to see our customer family grow!