Employee Feature Photo - Michelle SowersCould you let a complete stranger guide you around while you’re blindfolded?  If your answer is “no”, then you could really learn something from my Grandpa Carl.

I’m Michelle Sowers, the Food Service Manager at the Anna Rhodes 101 where I have worked for more than three years.  You can call me Shelly though like me cousin nicknamed me ages ago.  Thank you for using some of your Facebook time to read about me.  I know weekends can become too busy for these things.

My Grandpa Carl is my life’s role model, and that’s why I opened my story with him.  You see, he was a truck driver, but he couldn’t read or write.  He always managed to make his deliveries on time by trusting other people, even strangers, to give him correct directions.  I think being able to trust people is a tremendous trait, and that’s why I think so highly of him.

I also think very highly of my kids, Kimberly and Daniel Duty.  They’re the reason I get up in the morning.  While most people crave time away from their kids, I can honestly say that I’d want them with me if I ever got left on a deserted island.

My parents are also special to me.  I remember my favorite thing to do as a kid was going horseback riding with them.  We would take long trail rides together. 

Outside of the important people in my life, there are some other important things you should know about me.  First, my biggest pet peeve is people moving and rearranging my stuff.  How am I supposed to get anything done if I can’t find the things I need to do them?  Also, the Cinnababies I get to make at Rhodes are my favorite food there.  Some foods just look or smell good; not Cinnababies though.  They’re the total package of looking, smelling AND tasting good in one bite.

Anyway, thanks again for spending some time with me today.  Before we part, I want to encourage you to challenge your trust in other people.  Maybe ponder on some advice a stranger once gave you.  Are you strong enough to trust them like Grandpa Carl did?