Employee Feature Photo - Carla MoserI like the color green for its meaning – it represents life.  I like the term “being green” at something, too.  It means you’re growing and learning.

Hello!  I’m Carla Moser, the Food Service Manager at the Cape Girardeau Mercato di Rodi.  I joined Rhodes in 2011 after a friend recommended that I apply for a job here.  My friend thought I would be perfect for this job.  Ever since then, I have loved being helpful to our customers. 

I recently got the opportunity to be helpful to another Rhodes location.  I visited the new Rhodes location in Farmington to help train the Food Service Teammates there.  I enjoyed pitching in and teaching people something new, so it probably makes sense that I like the term “being green.”

We have a daily customer at Mercato that is young and probably “green” at many things in life.  He always stands out in my mind.  His name is Brent, and he’s a 14-year-old student at Notre Dame.  Brent and his Mom visit every morning before school, and he always hugs me!

Someone that definitely was not “green” about life was my Grandmother.  I always looked up to her and listened to what she had to teach me.  She always taught us grandchildren to put ourselves in others’ shoes because there’s no way to know what trials other people are going through.  Be kind to them.  I do my best to do that inside and outside of work.

If I could pick one thing to show kindness and appreciation to our customers, I would give them cake.  Everyone likes cake.  Right?

Since I can’t serve cake to you through Facebook, I’ll give you a chance to win Cardinals tickets instead!  Comment on my post with “Win $101 daily coming soon” and share the post.  You’ll be entered into a random drawing for two tickets to the Cardinals’ June 18 game.  Two winners will be drawn and announced on this post Monday, June 13.  So, check back to see if you won.

Thank you for taking the time to meet me.  I hope you’ll visit the Cape Mercato di Rodi soon!