Employee Feature Photo - Jessica HuusWho is a more dedicated employee?  Is it the employee who goes into labor while serving customers in the drive thru OR the Store Manager that tolerates the employee’s water breaking in her own car while driving the mom-to-be home?  Guess which one I was.

Hi!  I’m Jessica Huus.  I work at the Dexter Rhodes.  I have been with the company since November 2008 and have worked as a Customer Service Representative, Operations Manager and Food Service Manager.  My well-rounded set of talents, skills and experience has earned me the nickname “Jess the Best” in our store.  Hey, it’s not easy being a Jack-of-All-Trades.

I’m going to tell you now which employee I was in the opening scenario as I recollect one of my funniest Rhodes experiences.  It was January 18, 2016.  I went in for a shift that I have respectfully titled “The Daywalker Shift” (AKA the crack of dawn morning shift).  I was VERY pregnant at the time and ended up going into labor while serving customers in the drive thru.  My Store Manager, Stephanie, used her speed racer skills to get me home, but she wasn’t quite quick enough.  My water broke in her car…oops!  I think we both took service and dedication to a whole new level that day!

That was the ultimate surprise for both Stephanie and I.  With that being said, I have to tell you that I love any kind of surprise, giving and receiving them, gifts and pranks.  Pranks are best when accompanied by an awesome sense of humor.  The priceless looks on people’s faces makes me happy and fills me with laughter.

My love of surprises relates well to a little known talent I have.  I enjoy making people bloody…with Halloween makeup of course!  Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I enjoy working at Dexter’s local haunted house, Walls of Terror, as a makeup artist.  Plenty of pranks and surprises go down there every year.  I love Halloween’s atmosphere, weather and nonstop horror movie homages played on television.  Costumes are a requirement in my book.

That leads me to another question that I have for you.  I have a new baby.  I love Halloween.  I enjoy surprises.  So, what should the baby’s first Halloween costume be?  With my make-up artist and pranking skills, everyone has set the bar high for me.  Maybe the baby and I should wear coordinating costumes.  What do you think?  Let me know your thoughts by commenting on this post.

Don’t let this Facebook post be the only way we ever communicate with each other.  I’d love to see you stop by the Dexter Rhodes.  I can’t promise you a big surprise like I gave everyone on January 18, but I can guarantee that you’ll get service with a smile.