Employee Feature Photo - Allison HayesThese boots were made for working!

Hello!  I’m Allison Hayes, the Operations Manager at the Farmington Rhodes on Maple St. where you’ll always find me wearing my boots and ready to work. 

Along with my boots, I always wear a huge smile on my face.  My smile is proof that I try to stay positive throughout everything in life and that I’m a big ball of energy.  On the other side of that smile is my spit fire personality that is sometimes rough around the edges.  With all of that in mind, I would say the colors yellow and red represent me well!

What do I like the most about my job?  The customers, of course.  I’ve worked at three area Rhodes locations, and each one has its own regular customers and others that float among all of the locations. 

R.M. is one of those floating regular customers.  He’s a really interesting man full of interesting life stories.  R.M. is also a coin collector who loves his family.  He drives down to Louisiana to pick up fish often.  R.M. stops in whichever store I’m at and asks me if I’ve had a good day.  Imagine that, a customer asks ME about my day while I’m here to ask customers the same thing.  What a great guy! 

When talking about great people, I also have to mention my Rhodes coworkers.  I am blessed to consider them as my family.  When something goes wrong, these people are the ones that put a smile back on my face.  I can count on them to be there for me, and they can count on me the same way regardless of our Rhodes locations.

As I mentioned earlier, my current Rhodes location is the Maple St. store in Farmington.  It’s the newest store in the Rhodes family, but don’t let that fool you.  Everyone at our store has worked at two or more different area stores.  We all have a common goal, make sure you got whatchya need.  We’ve tackled many challenges that go with opening a brand new store because our team is stocked with hard workers and one fearless leader. 

The fantastic people I work with balance and compliment the special people in my personal life perfectly.  These people include my kids and my best friends who happen to be my sisters and cousins.  If I had more spare time, I would spend it with them and all of my family members.  The best parts of my childhood were spent playing with my cousins, and I would like to give my kids the same thing.

I’ll let you get back to your weekend now.  If you’re in or ever near Farmington, please stop by any Rhodes location.  Since I’ve worked at several stores, I know you’ll be happy with your experience at any of them.  However, I would really like to see you at my Maple St. location.  We’re eager to have new customers at our new store.  Will you be one?