I bet there aren’t many people who can say they work for a company of 900+ team members yet the owners go out of their way to speak to them anytime they’re around.  I can say exactly that about working at PAJCO, the company that owns Rhodes, Imo’s Pizza restaurants and Rally’s Drive-Ins.  No one here is too busy to treat you like family, not even the owners.

Hi, I’m Adrianna Landewee, a new Southeast Missouri State University graduate and staff accountant at PAJCO.  My PAJCO career path started when I was a college student.  I was looking for accounting internship opportunities, so I reached out to Jeff Reinagel, PAJCO’s Vice President of Finance.  Jeff described PAJCO’s work environment as being like family, and I was immediately sold.  I left the job I had at the time because I knew the internship would be a great opportunity to grow in the field I was studying.  Upon graduating in December 2020, I started a full-time position here, and it has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  I am now studying to earn my Master of Business Administration in Accounting while I continue developing my hands-on accounting skills at the same time. 

Since joining PAJCO, I have been shocked by the number of employees who have been with the company for numerous years, specifically my teammates in the accounting department.  Their tenures range from nine to forty-one years!  Coming into that group as a college student was very nerve racking, but they all welcomed me like family.  I hope to continue growing with the company as many of my teammates have.  A company like PAJCO is one in a million, and I look forward to growing with it personally and professionally. 

I have worked in a variety of customer service positions since I was 15.  From being a shift manager at the Ice Cream Corner in Scott City for almost four years to being a Customer Service Representative at the Bank of Missouri for two years, I knew I wanted to work at a company that was passionate about providing top-notch customer service.  PAJCO does exactly that.  At the same time, PAJCO makes its team members feel like family.  Not only do we care about the success of the company, but we also care about the personal and professional success of our teammates.  We care about each other and push each other to be the best version of ourselves every day.  You don’t find that just anywhere. 

I love coming to work knowing not every day will be the same.  All the awesome people around me make every single day a good day.  PAJCO takes the time to celebrate its awesome people during its annual banquet.  Attending this year’s banquet has been my most memorable experience at PAJCO thus far.  I was able to meet people from stores that I don’t see very often and see the team members I work with every day in a different environment.  It was cool seeing the heard work of our team members get recognized. 

A couple of people come to mind when I think about other positive experiences I’ve had at PAJCO.  Donna Ross, Assistant Controller, has had a tremendous impact on me.  She took me under her wing and has treated me like one of her own from my very first day.  Donna has taught me so much about accounting, the company and life in general that I couldn’t have learned in school.  Matt Boxdorfer, District Manager, is another great team member I have the pleasure of working with.  Matt never fails to keep a smile on everyone’s face with his “funny” jokes.  You can tell how much Matt loves his job because he is constantly upbeat and has a positive attitude.  Of course, Jeff Reinagel is on my list.  When he told me PAJCO was like family, he really meant it.  Jeff also practices that belief himself.  He has welcomed me to PAJCO just like a family member. 

PAJCO is a family with great people, owners and plenty of opportunities, but don’t take my word for it.  Find out what PAJCO has to offer for yourself.  You will find that PAJCO’s environment is uplifting.  Everyone genuinely cares about each other’s success.  If you get hired, take the opportunity to learn something new every day while you’re here.  PAJCO is a diverse company that gives great opportunities to learn and try things constantly while also treating you like family.