We'll give you up to $500 in Gift Cards

#Building Together

Earn up to $500 in Rhodes gift cards by referring a new employee to Rhodes, Imo’s Pizza or Rally’s.

$100 Rhodes Gift Card – upon hiring
$200 Rhodes Gift Card – after 90 days of employment
$200 Rhodes Gift Card – after 180 days of employment

We’ll give you up to $500 in RHODES GIFT CARDS for referring a new employee to us. Why? Our business is growing and we need more great people to join our team in a variety of roles. We’re asking you to refer people who you think may be a good fit at Rhodes, Imo’s Pizza or Rally’s, and we’re willing to pay you for it! #BuildingTogether

The last few months have disrupted many industries and businesses. Hotels, restaurants and retail stores have been hit hardest. These disruptions have led to furloughs and layoffs for a lot of hardworking people and created uncertainty about job security and career opportunities for many as our regional economy reopens.

But that’s not the case with Rhodes, Imo’s Pizza and Rally’s. We put our people first. We haven’t furloughed or laid off any employees. They were all offered the same working hours. On top of that, we paid every employee an additional $2 per hour for most of the spring as a special “thank you” for providing clean, safe, friendly environments for our guests. Now, we’re developing a new incentive program for our employees to share in our success each month, and we’re launching a new mobile app that will have extra deep discounts for our employees.

Our business is growing faster than ever and we plan to add three new locations this year. The new locations are exciting, but we know our PEOPLE are the most important asset we have. Many places claim that, but we’re putting our money behind it! Here’s proof:

Help us in #BuildingTogether

Refer an applicant to us. If they’re hired, you’ll receive a $100 RHODES GIFT CARD. After they’re employed for 90 days, you’ll receive a $200 RHODES GIFT CARD. After 180 days, you’ll receive another $200 RHODES GIFT CARD.

To qualify for the incentive, the applicant must list you as the referring party on their job application along with your phone number. If the applicant is hired, we will contact you to award your $100 Rhodes gift card. We’ll contact you again and award a $200 Rhodes gift card if the employee reaches their 90-day and 180-day anniversaries.

Employees who quit or are terminated up to 89 days and between 91 and 179 days will not entitle the referring party to a prorated Rhodes gift card.

Gift card recipients will be contacted between the first and twelfth of each month. For example, if a candidate is hired on July 18, the referring party will be contacted between August 1 and August 12 to receive their $100 Rhodes gift card. At the employee’s 90-day anniversary, the referring party will be contacted between November 1 and November 12 to receive their first $200 Rhodes gift card. At the employee’s 180-day anniversary, the referring party will be contacted between February 1 and February 12 to receive their final $200 Rhodes gift card.

Applications received July 1, 2020 through September 30, 2020 are eligible for the #BuildingTogether gift card incentive. Applications can be submitted online at www.Rhodes101.com

Questions and comments can be shared by email (ContactUs@Rhodes101.com) or by calling (573) 334-7733.