The Fundraiser Beyond Compare

How can Rhodes and Imo’s Pizza help your school or organization? We make it as easy as (pizza) pie! Just fill out the form and we will reach out to you to learn more about your organization and your fundraising goals.

There are two primary ways Imo’s Pizza can help you raise funds. First, you can sell our pizza vouchers. You set the price! At $10 or more, you’ll earn at least 30% of every sale for your school or organization.

The second fundraising option is hosting a fundraising day with 10% of Imo’s Pizza food and gift card sales going to your organization.

No matter how you slice it, Imo’s is an amazing fundraising opportunity!

Who’s Been Raising Funds with Imo’s Pizza…

New Madrid HS

Raised $291.87hosting an Imo’s Pizza Fundraising Day

Sikeston HS

Raised $232.60hosting an Imo’s Pizza Fundraising Day

Scott County Central HS

Raised $373.32hosting Imo’s Pizza Fundraising Days

Perryville HS

Raised $727.75hosting Imo’s Pizza Fundraising Days

St. Vincent

Raised $6,017.22hosting Imo’s Pizza Fundraising Days

Cape Central HS

Raised $285.72hosting an Imo’s Pizza Fundraising Day

Scott City Elem.

Raised $199.27hosting an Imo’s Pizza Fundraising Day

St. Augustine School

Raised $655.66hosting an Imo’s Pizza Fundraising Day

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We’ll contact you to answer your questions, discuss details and even book a fundraiser!

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Pizza Voucher Fundraiser10% Fundraising Day

“We have used Imo’s Pizza for fundraisers, and they are super easy and fun to work with!”

Brian Ziegler

Fundraising chairperson for a local elementary school and fundraising booster for a regional high school.

“Our students and teachers have benefited from our partnership with Imo’s Pizza. We have enjoyed the Imo’s Day opportunities to meet as a teacher team and have dinner together….all in the name of our students! The generous donations have enabled us to purchase extra materials for the classrooms. All of the money goes right back to our students. Thank you, Imo’s Pizza!!!”

Rae Anne Alpers

principal of a local elementary school

“Another pizza place allowed us to host monthly fundraising nights, which earned us about $100 a month.  We decided to give Imo's a try, and our return was almost three times higher.  These larger results are because Imo's Pizza gives us 10% ALL food and gift card purchases made the ENTIRE day, not just customers that mention our school when ordering during a few evening hours.  It was an easy decision to move our monthly pizza fundraising nights to Imo's Pizza!"

Jamie Shaffar

parent actively involved in fundraising for her children's parochial school

Imo’s Pizza - Voucher Sales

Keep at least 30% of your sales

Now your supporters can help give back to your organization while enjoying delicious Imo’s Pizza – a win-win!

Every pizza voucher is valid for one 12” one-topping pizza at a participating Imo’s Pizza location. Vouchers cost you $7 per pizza, but you can set your price from there. At $10, you’ll earn 30% of the sales for your school or organization.

We’ll customize your pizza voucher form for your organization, making it even easier for your supporters to purchase.

Imo’s Pizza - School Fundraising Days

Receive 10% of ALL pizza sales from the whole day

That’s right… When you make it an Imo’s Pizza Fundraising Day, 10% of ALL sales go to your school. The earnings potential is unreal (just ask our previous participants). And that’s just the beginning of the benefits:

No Volunteers NeededWe’re the pizza experts. Let us handle it.

Scheduling FlexibilityFridays (aka pizza nights) are allowed.

Full Day SalesYou will also benefit from the entire day’s sales, not just a few hours.

Facebook Posts ProvidedWe design the posts. You put them on your page. Your supporters share the news.

Did We Mention We’re Imo’s Pizza?Our style and recipes are unduplicated by any other pizza place.

Automatic School SalesNo one has to mention your school’s name, classroom number, school song… you get it.

Flyers ProvidedWe provide fliers for your students to take home. We just can’t be there to take them out of their backpacks.

We Have Backup PlansIf someone doesn’t want pizza, we have appetizers, pastas, sandwiches, salads and desserts for them.

Ready to Raise Some Funds?Then fill out the form above and let’s put your Imo’s Pizza Fundraising Day on the calendar.



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